Friday, November 1, 2013

Fall fun

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Let the homework begin

I'm surprising Vincent this afternoon with a new desk in his room. Kindergartners need pencils erasers and a special little place to do their homework. So cute!

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Sunday, September 22, 2013

Gay pride 2013

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Sunday, September 8, 2013

Labor Day Fun

We love Mayme & Grumps new place!!

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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Kinder Adventure

The big day finally arrived. Vincent is in Kinder.It's truly the next phase of his life, he's no longer in any way a baby. And while he was excited about it, I honestly think it's a bigger deal to the parents. It's such an iconic day that is anticipated from birth. We've been to his school on several occasions and toured it again on Friday for meet the teacher night so it was pretty familiar to him. He's so lucky to be going to school with 3 other boys on our block (I like to call them the San Saba boys) not to mention the other kids in the neighborhood he's know for many years. Another Mom had a water-slide party a few weeks ago and so they all had at least one friend in the class.

Yesterday he walked right in and sat down in the gym to wait for his teacher to arrive. Teri and I said goodbye there, we did not hang around to let his anxiety build or watch other kids/parents cry and then get him riled up too. He's so confident and he just sat down and waited for his day to begin.

 It appears the only issue so far is that he didn't carry his lunch box to the cafeteria so the had to eat the school lunch. It was a hamburger and he was happy with it. Although - I've never let him have a hamburger from anywhere except home and Chilis for 5 years to protect him from trashy meat and ecoli. Then on the first day of Kinder he eats a hamburger!

 I've also go to clarify why he didn't bring his lunchbox. We have enrolled him in a dual language program so his day is 90% spanish and 10% english. He will learn math in english but all other subjects are in spanish, even reading until 2nd grade. It's educationally risky/adventurous but we're committed to it and scared to death for him at the same time. I'm sure to blog about it in the future! But back to the lunchbox - we taught him the word "lunch" so he'll know what to do.
Can you imagine your teacher not speaking English to you???

 So excited for our Kinder Adventure to begin - will keep you all posted on his progress!

Meet the teacher night. This is one of the San Saba boys with him.

Meet the teacher.

1st Day Picture

1st Day Picture

Waiting in the gym for his day to start.

After school - still happy!

Day 2 -  Set and ready to go ... after his tv show of course.

Friday, August 2, 2013

The trip that almost wasn't

Last week Vin and I went to Galveston with Aunt Leslie. It was almost a no-go since at the last minute Vincent got the stomach bug that Reese had. Here is our sad we're not going to the beach face.

After a morning on the couch it became clear that he was going to be fine and if not he could just puke in a bucket in the back seat. This was a dicey move on mine and Leslie's part but we did it anyway.

One of the most exciting parts of the trip was our discovery of Buc-ee's. They are only in south Texas and since we've started talking about them, it seems that lots of people love this place. Leslie has a friend that said that a trip to Buc-ee's. was a destination for them.
The bathrooms are awesome! Look at all the stuff they sell in the restrooms.

This is a bedazzled skull above the stalls. How funny!
The best part is that they have sanitaizer in each stall. Genious.

At the beach which isn't that great but Vin didn't know any better.

This picture was requested by Eric. So we brought the Mexican wrestling  mask with us and the 1920's bathing suit.

At the Pleasure Pier which had lots of kid rides and was super clean. There were no lines which as great. He just rode and rode and rode.

Cutie at the hotel.

Leslie likes to keep the air at about 65 degrees. She was smart to tell Vin to bring his big heaviy blanket with us.

Overall it was a great trip. It was fairly close, there was no traffic in Galveston and very clean. We also went to Schlitterbahn but definitely did not feel the need take more pictures in our bathing suits!!